Go back to Times St., IP group says to President Aquino

"If he can't take the heat, Aquino has no business to remain in Malacanang. He better go back to playing video games in Times Street," Piya Macliing Malayao of indigenous people's organization Kalipunan ng mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP) said. "Perhaps Aquino had a wrong choice of career path in public office, albeit the highest position in the country."

The indigenous group reacted over President Aquino pronouncement that he will choose to ignore its "hopeless" critics and be lenient at his Cabinet members lest they "burnout." "He seems to have been taking cues from his sister, this is a frequent answer of showbiz folk when asked about their reactions to their detractors: skip the criticisms and not to read the bad press. That is not acceptable behavior when you are in the reins of an entire country," Malayao stated.

Malayao, a Bontoc-Igorot spokesperson of KAMP felt insulted over the President's resolved nonchalance in criticisms thrown at him. "A statement like that is insulting to the people who are working for meaningful social change and genuine development of the people. A President with a decidedly deaf ear to the people's issues and demands makes all democratic spaces futile," Malayao added.

"The people's backs are breaking in the turmoil of getting past a single day. In Eastern Visayas, the survivors of the Yolanda typhoon have no sufficient food and livelihood. Indigenous peoples in the country are eased out of their lands and suffer brutal human rights violations. Inflation, unemployment, poverty, and landlessness are plaguing Filipinos everywhere. Meanwhile, our President's resolution is to lay off from being demanding to its well-paid Cabinet members." Malayao said.

"Aquino's new year's resolution is completely detached to what is expected of him as the leader of the land. As it is, Aquino and his Cabinet had been notoriously ineffective in providing solutions to the problems besetting their country. They have no right to take it slow while people are suffering," she added. "If him and his Cabinet are all already burned out from being insufficient on addressing the nation's problems, they might as well all get out of the Palace because they have no more use there."

Malayao also commented that Aquino is kept comfortable by his avid followers and close allies, and views all actions done by his government is beyond critique and reproach. "Aquino seems to want to retreat to his own a fairytale land where everything is peachy. But reality bites," Malayao said. "Malacanang's door is wide enough to let him and his Cabinet out."

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